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Project Sponsor Pre-Meeting Checklist
By Zenkara

It’s always a good idea to come prepared to meetings with project sponsors – particularly if you’ve got bad news. The important thing is to spring no surprises.

  • What is the objective of the meeting?
  • What outcome do you want? Agreement, consensus, awareness?
  • What percentage of the project has been achieved versus planned?
  • What are the top 4 points you want to get across during the update?
  • What is worrying the sponsor right now? (if you don’t know this, you better find out ASAP)
  • What are you doing about their concerns? What have you done about it? (simply saying “in the process of …” or “we’re looking at it…” is a really poor explanation)
  • What is going well on the project? – always start the meeting with some good news and end the meeting with some good news
  • What is a problem right now? Technical, money, people, politics, suppliers
  • What can be done?
  • What do you need the sponsor to do? – be specific
  • Be prepared with the KPIs and drill down where needed
  • What risks are not in control? Why not?
  • How are communications with the customers/end-users going?
  • How’s the team going? Burnt out? Fragmented?
  • What or who needs changing in the team?
  • What was the sponsor’s original expectations? Have these changed? Who do you know?
  • Has the customer’s expectations changed? Are they realistic?
  • Is the customer ready for the next stage of the project?

To Do

  • Take schedule, budget, progress reports to the meeting
  • Ensure that you get up to date info from each team leader, member – since sometimes progress reports are out of date
  • Bring along deliverables list showing progress (if not included in the schedule)

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