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Scouts Should Be Project Managers
By Kerry Wills

My son is 7 as is in Cub Scouts. The Scout motto is “Be Prepared” which I think is also relevant to the Project Management community. Our job requires always being prepared; which includes such as activities as…

  • Planning for meetings beforehand to make sure they are successful
  • Having a detailed plan and preparing in advance for upcoming activities; including lining up resources

  • Risk planning to think through possible risks and mitigations

  • Understanding financial and schedule variances

  • Preparing for stakeholder meetings and communications

  • Thinking about activities well before they are coming up to ensure they get completed on time

So the above examples are only a subset of our jobs but make the point that being prepared is core to our profession. Now maybe we should start selling popcorn and cookies too to help pay for PMI dues…

Kerry Wills is a proven Program Manager/Portfolio Manager with an extensive background in Project Management, consulting, and application development. Kerry has consistently demonstrated the ability to plan and implement large and complex projects on time and on/under budget. Kerry runs a blog, Adventures in Project Management.

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