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Stakeholder Map
By The Office of Government Commerce – OGC, UK

Purpose of the Stakeholder Map

  • Identifies all interested parties both inside and outside the programme; may also include individuals or groups outside the business.
  • Used to ensure that all stakeholder interests are catered for by the programme, including keeping them informed and receiving feedback.

Fitness for Purpose Checklist

  • Have all the stakeholders and their interests been identified?
  • Is there agreement from all interested parties about the content, frequency and method?
  • Has a common standard been considered?
  • Has time to carry out the identified communications been allowed for in the stage plans?


  • It is important to determine the interests of all stakeholders, who may represent different customer groups, and to resolve conflicting requirements.

Suggested Content in the Stakeholder Map

  • Matrix showing individual stakeholders or groups of stakeholders and their particular interests in the programme
  • Communication route and frequency for each stakeholder or groups of stakeholders

Source Information of the Stakeholder Map

  • Blueprint
  • Programme Plan
  • Organisational structures of organisations involved in the programme

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