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The Project Portfolio Document
By The Office of Government Commerce – OGC, UK

Purpose of the Project Portfolio

To list the projects that are or will be part of the programme.

Fitness for Purpose Checklist

  • Have all component project been identified?
  • Do the objectives of each project contribute to the delivery of the aim of the programme?
  • Are the interdependencies of the projects clearly understood?
  • Is the high level project information included?

Suggested Content in the Project Porfolio

  • List of component projects
  • Outline project information such as target timescales, resources required and objectives

Source Information

  • Blueprint


There should be a set of Project Plans for the constituent projects in each of the authorised change programmes. Each project plan should be supported by a high level business case and should clearly show the timescales, resource requirements and interdependencies of the project activities. Associated with each project plan will be a set of activities which recognise and seek to mitigate external risks (Risk Plan).

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