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Top 10 Tips for Effective Resource Management
By Neil Stolovitsky

In light of the recent historical space jump from 128,000 feet performed by Austrian dare devil Felix Baumgartner, a feat that lasted approximately 8 minutes, we can’t forget a team of scientists, engineers and aviation experts contributed to the success of this new world record. In the digital age where the historic jump captured the attention of the world, we should not to forget that it took millions of dollars in product development, planning and expertise to successfully accomplish and promote the space jump. Felix Baumgartner’s success was facilitated by an entire project team that carefully planned the mission every step of the way.

Although most project managers never have to put their life on the line for project success, nevertheless they are faced with the challenge in effectively managing their people responsible for success. The reality is, in many cases project managers heavily depend on disjointed reports delivering inaccurate data of the available talent on the bench and in the field which lead to misleading availability and utilization estimates. To complicate matters further, effective resource planning requires a deeper understanding of the talent pool’s work habits and skills. The fact is, project managers have minimal visibility into actual performance metrics of their resources outside a handful of colleagues they have had firsthand experience in the field with. For these reasons, successful project-centric environments understand that a well thought out resource management strategy is necessary to ensure that they can get the most out of their people responsible for the success of their projects.

When developing a resource management strategy here are some tips you should consider:

  1. Create a single resource pool across all projects. This will provide better visibility and accuracy of resource utilization and availability.
  2. Develop a skills library associated to resources to ensure that you have the necessary capabilities when developing a team to deliver on your project.

  3. Maintain a centralized schedule of your resources so that you can accurately determine workloads and identify possible conflicts.

  4. Build a strategy to address possible resource shortages in your projects by defining accurate work efforts for the tasks at hand.

  5. Incorporate capacity tracking reports into your strategy that will provide additional visibility into departmental and staffing statuses to work on projects.

  6. Prioritize resources and categorize them in different buckets so that you can efficiently get the most out of your team.

  7. Include contingency plans in your resource management strategy that allows for a ‘Plan B’ when unexpected changes occur.

  8. Implement a forecasting strategy that will facilitate better pipeline and staffing for imminent and future projects.

  9. Develop an employee incentive program that will limit turnover and help build continuity in your resource pool for better planning.

  10. Use technology to automate these processes and strategies and to provide a more streamlined approach to resource management and planning.

Neil Stolovitsky is a senior solution specialist at Genius Inside. Genius Inside Genius Inside was founded in 1997 to address a need for project management software for the IBM Lotus Notes market. Genius Inside has also been offering its on demand solution since April 2008. With offices in Europe and North America, supported by a network of resellers worldwide, Genius Inside now has over 55,000 end users and over 600 customers worldwide. Genius Inside has been a recognized IBM Partner since its founding and has received numerous certifications.

Genius Inside not only provides powerful project management software but also an expertise in project management best practices.

Dedicated to Delivering the Best On-Demand and Lotus Notes Project Management Software Genius Inside’s mission is to make project managers’ lives easier by improving project selection, planning, staffing, execution and tracking with our easy-to-use and powerful project management solutions.

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