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What is Executing Process Group?
By Sivaraj Dhanasekaran

In layman term, the Executing process group is the place where all the project works are taking place. It involves in carrying out all the works which are planned during the Planning process group.

PMBOK 3 definition is as follows:

The Executing process group is the place where the PM putting the project management plan into action mode and makes things really happening. PM works with project team to acheive the project objectives. It tracks the the project plan to ensure the future execution of project plans stays in line with project objectives. The Executing process group will utilize the most project time and resources, and as a result, costs are usually highest during the Executing process. PMs faces more conflicts, issues in this process group.


The objectives of the Executing the Project domain are as follows:

  1. Execute Tasks Defined in Project Plan
  2. Ensure Common Understanding and Set Expectations
  3. Implement the Procurement of Project Resources
  4. Manage Resource Allocation
  5. Implement Quality Management Plan
  6. Implement Approved Changes
  7. Implement Approved Actions and Workarounds
  8. Improve Team Performance

Knowledge Areas & Processes

Knowledge Areas Processes
  1. Direct and Manage Project Execution
  1. Perform Quality Assurance
Human Resource Management
  1. Acquire Project Team
  2. Develop Project Team
  1. Information Distribution
  1. Request Seller Responses
  2. Select Sellers

Dhanasekaran, Sivaraj is a certified PMP and works as a Senior Project Manager in one of the leading MNC banks in Singapore. He has over 13 years IT experience and handled banking projects as well as managed production support team for complex Treasury applications for various MNC banks.

He loves to share his experience and knowledge gained as Project Manager and also providing guidance to people who wanted to obtain PMP certification. He runs a project management forum at

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