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Benefits of Saas for Project Managers
By Cora Systems

In the past businesses who ran projects would have to buy, build and maintain their project management software. However with more and more software companies offering software as a service (Saas) models the pressure on these businesses to sustain their software is reduced. This model is having a very positive impact on the small to medium sized businesses by allowing them to have the ability to compete with the bigger players in their industry.

So what are the benefits of Saas models for project managers:

  • Access: Saas models give project managers the ability to get instant access to their project information through their web browser.
  • Easy to implement and use: Compared to in-house project management software models the implementation process for Saas models is significantly lower. Saas models tend to be easy to use as most of the users have the advantage of being internet savvy.

  • Low cost: As Saas models are pay as you go based it means that there are no licence fees to fork out. Also the Saas provider will be managing the entire infrastructure associated with the software therefore saving money associated with IT costs. This low cost also means that the organizations budget can be put to better use like building on their competitive advantage within their business sector.

  • Time: By implementing a Saas model the user will have the ability to get up and running quickly without having to follow through with the normal tasks that are associated with licensed software. These tasks could take weeks or even months to be fully implemented. All that is required with a Saas model is a web-browser and internet access and therefore you are able to get access to your software program instantly.

  • No complex infrastructure: The user of the Saas software won’t have to worry about the IT infrastructure as it will be handled by the Saas provider. All maintenance will be carried out by your software provider. Therefore the user will not have to be trained up on or need to have any concerns surrounding the infrastructure.

  • Automatic updates: When dealing with licensed software the user tends to have to wait a few months for updates, as the implementation of these take time. However with the Saas model the user will automatically benefit from updates as they will be able to get access straight away without needing to install or download anything.

  • Security: It has been noted that a user’s business information will be more secure within a Saas model compared to the traditional licensed versions. As access is restricted by using passwords and other security measures.

  • Staff: IT staff numbers will be reduced as the software provider will handle any problems that arise.

  • Work anywhere: Once the user has an internet connection they can access the Saas model from anywhere in the world. This is very beneficial for users that work from home as they can have instant access to project information.

Established in 1999, with over 12 years of experience in Project Management Software, Cora Systems have developed a highly functional, web-based system. Our skills and knowledge have enabled us to become a world leader in Project, Portfolio and Performance Management Software. We value our extensive client base and provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure our customers gains the full value and benefits from using ProjectVision.

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