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Think You’re Cut Out for PM in 2016? Take This Quiz!

Think You’re Cut Out for PM in 2016? Take This Quiz!
By Joel Roberts

Are you sure you are ready for the challenges 2016 will bring to project management? PM is not immune to the technological revolution that is shaking other departments for a few decades now. There are definitive changes to follow as 2016 progresses and many of them can be the difference between projects’ life and death. Take this short 5 question survey and see if your company will be able to cope with these changes.


Are employees bringing their own devices to work lately?

  1. Yes, all employees use mix of integrated devices to work on company projects
  2. Some employees work on their personal laptops/tablets/phones
  3. No, they are using company provided computers

Have your project plans migrated to the cloud/company owned server yet?

  1. We are using cloud services for storing MS Project plans
  2. We are using own server
  3. We currently do not have a shared file storing solution in place

How are project management teams organized in your company? Read the Complete Article

PDA’s for Program and Project Management Productivity

PDA’s for Program and Project Management Productivity
By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson

The three of us embrace new technology, though it is fair to say that none of us can claim to be mobile technology experts. For that reason this article, in which we discuss some of the current initiatives in mobile devices and apps for project management, is written with a project management rather than technology focus.

Nowadays, it seems everyone has a cell or mobile phone. A recent survey estimated that globally, there are 4.1 billion cell or mobile phone users, and that number is expected to climb. More and more cell/mobile phone users have a ‘Smartphone’ which, depending on the product, may be called a ‘PDA’ (Personal Digital Assistant) or a ‘Smartphone’. Tablets are increasingly popular as well. For the purposes of this article, we refer to all devices collectively as “mobile devices”. Read the Complete Article

The Anti-Social Project Manager

The Anti-Social Project Manager
By Ty Kiisel

Whenever I speak with someone about project management and social media I tend to get one of two reactions. They either see the value right away or they don’t get it at all-dismissing the socialization of project management out of hand. After a few minutes of conversation, their negative attitude seems to boil down to the following two arguments:

  1. They are put off by what they consider the trivial nature of current social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Democratizing the project management process conflicts with their top-down, command-and-control management style.

Most of the angst about using social networking within the project management process comes from a lack of understanding. I agree with those who suggest that simply incorporating a Twitter-like activity stream or mimicking Facebook isn’t a legitimate strategy for socializing the project management process. If that’s the sum total of your social project management strategy, I don’t believe it will help you accomplish much. Read the Complete Article

Using Twitter for Project Management

Using Twitter for Project Management
By Toby Elwin

In this article I want to introduce Twitter to manage projects. Why Twitter? Twitter is a great communication and community collaboration tool and once a project starts, 90% of a project manager’s job is communication. Project communication and coordination is vital to project success and important:

  • keeping the stakeholders informed;
  • managing project scope;
  • identifying risk;
  • coordinating teams;
  • ensuring milestone schedules;
  • managing work stream progress; and
  • coordinating resource needs

Imagine 90% of your role communicating? How does your day look now? Any room in your calendar to increase your communicating even more? I can’t imagine the amount of email that hits your inbox that requires you to read, decide “what’s this got to do with me”, create acceptable options, and then fire off your email. Think your project sponsors and stakeholders are looking for even more communication in their lives? I’m sure your sponsor or boss does not appreciate an email you forward without an explanation or concrete options you suggest to try. Read the Complete Article

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