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Defining the Scope in IT Projects – Part VI – Defining the Data – Technical Structure (#6 in the series Defining the Scope in IT Projects)
By Neville TurbitProject Perfect

Technical Structure Definition

This technique can be useful in defining scope where the project is focused on infrastructure. It can also be useful in a situation where an existing system is being modified. The output can be either a table, or a diagram. A table might just list the components to be modified and the modification. The structure diagram might identify the whole system and highlight which components are being modified and how they are being modified. It may also be appropriate to indicate the purpose of each component, however it will probably be vague at this stage of development.


The ‘outputs HTML’ module takes information retrieved from the database and inserts it into an .asp document for output to the server. It also updates a transaction log with the database information and time of the output. If an error occurs in retrieving data from the database, an error log is updated and an error page sent to the server.

Example Technical Structure Table

Component Description
Subsystem1 Handles all customer processing and interfaces to CMS (Customer Management System).
Subsystem2 Carries out inquiries on billing systems (2) and combines data into common format. Sorts data by date of payment.

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