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Moving to Advanced Project Management
By Cora Systems

It wasn’t very long ago that Project Management was done using a pencil and paper. However as times have moved on so has the means of managing a project. Modern day project management is done via Excel & Word documents and even more so is the popularity of feature packed project management software. However, some organizations are apprehensive about investing into this modern/ advanced project management.

Spreadsheets are always going to be used in organizations for managing projects, even though they are not designed as a project support tool. The reason they are so widely used is that they are conveniently available on almost every computer and users don’t tend to require training. However what you gain in convenience you do lack in other areas and features.

Project Management Software tools are quickly becoming a popular and powerful means of successfully deploying a project. These tools are used by organizations who wish to plan, track and manage all the elements of their projects from one point. It allows the user to integrate planning, budgeting, resourcing and forecasting into a single platform. It can ensure that the project teams are more efficient and productive towards the future direction of the project.

However, some organizations are struggling to decide when is the right time to make the switch from simple project management (excel sheets) to the more advanced Project Management Toolset. The following are some of the cases where organization should consider taking the leap.

  • When you are managing more than a handful of projects at any one time.
  • There are groups of resources that require direction.

  • The project manager is struggling to analyze project information for future decision making.

  • There’s a need to determine if the budget is accurate and the appropriate resources are working on the right projects or are available to work on the right projects.

  • There’s a need for a clearer picture of the current and future project plan and schedule.

  • You are suffering from an issue of double counting or duplication.

  • As the Project Manager you are unable to give an accurate status report on projects.

  • There’s issues regarding communication between the layers of the project team.

  • Spending valuable time consolidating information into project reports each month for review meetings.

Some organizations will be apprehensive about making the transition from spreadsheets to project management software especially if it’s heavily embedded into the culture of the organization and its employees. However, good flexible project management software clearly has much more to offer an organization as it will provide a solution for all and more of the issues that are mentioned above. Hence, there is no real reason why an organization could not make the leap and implement a fully functional project management software tool into the hub of the project team and relish in its benefits.

Established in 1999, with over 12 years of experience in Project Management Software, Cora Systems have developed a highly functional, web-based system. Our skills and knowledge have enabled us to become a world leader in Project, Portfolio and Performance Management Software. We value our extensive client base and provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure our customers gains the full value and benefits from using ProjectVision.

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