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Project Management Process – Phase 4 – Closing – Conduct Project Closeup Meeting (#27 in the Hut Project Management Process) By John Filicetti


The Project Manager should host hold a meeting with everyone involved with the project to capture Best Practices and Lessons Learned, which should be stored in the project workspace for future reference. Effective organizations strive to learn from their experiences in terms of what went well (and should be replicated) and what should be improved. Every project will experience successes and difficulties and it is important that they are identified, analyzed, and communicated. In addition, corrective actions should be planned to prevent project problems from recurring in future phases or projects. Organizations improve through a continuous cycle of planning, doing, reflecting, and acting on what is learned. This is often referred to as “lessons learned.”

Use the Project Closeout form to match project objectives outlined in the Project Management Plan with project deliverables.


  • Organize a project closeout review meeting, including the project team and other key project contributors
  • The Project Manager should review and analyze the project records to prepare for the meeting
  • Prior to the meeting, have the project team and customer go through the Lessons Learned sheets to identify things that went well and things that did not go well
  • During the meeting:
    • Using the Project Closeout Document, match project objectives to project deliverables. The customer must sign the Project Closeout form for the project to be considered accepted.
    • Capture project successes and what should be replicated in future phases or projects
    • Capture project issues and what can be done to prevent their reoccurrence



  • Project Manager with Project Team

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John F. Filicetti, PMP, MBA
John Filicetti is a Sr. Sales Engineer/PM-PMO-PPM Consultant with a great depth of experience and expertise in enterprise project management, project management methodologies, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Management Offices (PMOs), Governance, process consulting, and business management. John has directed and managed project management teams, created and implemented methodologies and practices, provided project management consulting, created and directed PMOs, and created consulting and professional services in such areas as project portfolio management, Governance, business process re-engineering, network systems integration, application development, infrastructure, and complex environments. John has enjoyed many years as PMO Director for large corporations in the Seattle area and leads the PMO Roundtable discussion group and forum.

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