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Unifying Your Team Without The Fireworks – Part II (#2 in the series Unifying Your Team Without The Fireworks)
By Keith MathisPM Expert Live

Understanding what teamwork is will allow your team members to work together in the best possible manner.

The following guidelines are imperative for worthwhile teams:

  • Structure and interdependence between team
  • Teams solve problems as a unit
  • Team goals, vision, mission are clear
  • Team members are independent thinkers but team players
  • Communication is open and freely given
  • Teams work through team conflict

What exactly does working as a team mean? When working as a team, the manager will facilitate instead of giving orders, gather group input for problem solving, reach a consensus for decision making, and hold each other accountable. Another factor in building a team is that everyone trusts each other. Trust can be very difficult to achieve; however, there are ways to aid in it:

  • Include everyone in discussions
  • Give credit to team rather than individuals
  • Allow for equal participation
  • Be open to ideas of others
  • Be helpful to one another

Team leaders also play a vital role in building trust. The leader should direct the team to keep priorities straight, be an example, increase self esteem, motivate with a cando attitude, and teach others to solve problems. Building trust can be accomplished if everyone is committed to doing their part.

Each member of the team has responsibilities he or she must perform in order for team success. Each team member must: participate, be an independent thinker and a team player, and support the team decisions. The team leader’s role is to facilitate, train, counsel, encourage, and confront each team member as necessary. The leader, who also acts as the team’s coach, should communicate information, be a resources finder, assist in training, and encourage the team.

If everyone does their part, your team will be successful on the project at hand. Developing a mission statement, goals, and focus, as well as, building trust and maintaining your responsibilities will pull your team together to complete the task effectively and efficiently with fewer fireworks and explosions.

Dr. Keith Mathis, founder and CEO of The Mathis Group, specializes in Project Management, Management Leadership, and Marketing training for private businesses and government agencies of all kinds. He offers 33 Project Management courses, is a Project Management Professional, is certified by the Project Management Institute and will customize every training session to your individual company’s needs. The Mathis Group also sponsors, which is a powerful project management resource with free reports, podcasts, videos, and a monthly newsletter. He also offers customized management training and coaching on any subject with prolific communication and professionalism.

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