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Estimating Resource Requirements – Non-Person Resources (#9 in the Hut A Quick Guide to Project Management)
By Manjeet Singh

You may also need to factor in the availability of nonperson resources such as supplies, equipment and facilities. To do this, create a nonperson availability sheet similar to previous example:

WBS Activity Resource needed Time in hours Date (s) needed
4.1 Design brochure
  • Computer
  • Color Printer
80 4 to 29 April
4.2 Brochure review meeting
  • Meeting room with computer connected to projector
3 4 May
4.3 Make copies of draft brochure
  • Color Photocopier
2 5 May

Now that you have an idea of your resource requirements and their availability, go back to your Gantt chart. You might need to re-adjust it in order to take into account your team members’ or other nonperson resources’ availability.

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Manjeet Singh has over 17 years of experience acquired in a wide variety of industries with a focus on project and program management at Software Makers and Global IT Services companies throughout the world. Manjeet has an Executive MBA from the HEC Management School, and is the author of the website that provides a free guide to project management, and offers other project management-related resources.

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