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PMP® Exam Quality Primer: The Quality Gurus – Philip B. Crosby (#3 in the series PMP® Exam Quality Primer)
By Samuel T. Brown, III, PMP, Global Knowledge Course Director and Instructor

Crosby simply defines quality as conformance. He’s known best for his advocacy of zero defects management and prevention as opposed to a statistically acceptable level of quality. He is also known for his Quality Vaccine and Crosby’s Fourteen Steps to Quality Improvement.

Crosby’s Quality Vaccine

Crosby’s Quality Vaccine consists of three ingredients:

  1. Determination
  2. Education
  3. Implementation

Crosby’s Fourteen Steps to Quality Improvement

  1. Make it clear that management is committed to quality for the long term.
  2. Form cross-departmental quality teams.
  3. Identify where current and potential problems exist.
  4. Assess the cost of quality and explain how it is used as a management tool.
  5. Increase the quality awareness and personal commitment of all employees.
  6. Take immediate action to correct problems identified.
  7. Establish a zero defect program.
  8. Train supervisors to carry out their responsibilities in the quality program.
  9. Hold a Zero Defects Day to ensure all employees are aware there is a new direction.
  10. Encourage individuals and teams to establish both personal and team improvements.
  11. Encourage employees to tell management about obstacles they face in trying to meet quality goals.
  12. Recognize employees who participate.
  13. Implement quality controls to promote continual communication.
  14. Repeat everything to illustrate that quality improvement is a never-ending process.

About the Author

Samuel Brown, PMP, is a course developer and instructor for Global Knowledge with 25 years experience teaching. In addition, he has provided project management consulting services for a variety of clients including GE, Glaxo Smith-Klein, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Michelin Tire, and IBM.

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