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Resource & Task Matrix

A resource and task matrix has the ability to show each person who will be working on a project, as well as their specific, individual responsibilities. It allows all team members to know who is working on what, who is assigned to help them, and what his or her tasks are.

System Resource and Task Distribution Chart

Typical Uses

This type of matrix is not particularly useful if each person in a project has a single assignment, or when there is only one task involved in the completion of a project. However, for more complicated projects that have numerous activities and persons involved, a resource and task matrix can greatly organize and simplify the process.

Best Practices

  • Identify the project. Determine what project you will be making a resource and task matrix for.
  • Determine resources and tasks. Know what tasks must be completed throughout the project as well as who will be working on each task.
  • Create the diagram. Create a table with a row for each person involved in the project and a column for each task. Place the names of the people involved in the boxes on the far left of the table. Then place descriptions of the tasks in the boxes along the top of the table.
  • Make assignments. Assign specific individuals to their tasks. In doing so, place an “x” in the corresponding box. There may be more than one person working a task, or a person may have more than one task. That’s alright and is exactly what the resource and task matrix is meant to handle.
  • Inform. Be sure that everyone knows his or her responsibilities and post the diagram somewhere where everyone involved will have easy access to it if they need to know who else is working on a task with them.

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